Book Review – “Daisies are Forever”

“Bright red and orange explosions lit the dark, deep-winter evening.  Gisela Cramer hugged herself to ward off the bitter chill.  Her warm breath frosted the windowpane and with her fingernail she shaved a peephole.  She didn’t know what she expected to see.  Maybe the Russians surging over the hill.”

“Daisies are Forever” is a Christian historical novel which starts with action and is non stop from there.  The story of an American born woman living in Germany during WWII is one that is rarely told.  This is what intrigued me to review the book!  For anyone interested in this period of history, I recommend Liz Tolsma’s series.  The “story behind the story” at the end of the book makes the wonderful anguish of the story that much better…but I will leave that up to you to find out! Continue reading

My TCM Picks for May


You can just feel summer around the corner as TCM choses June Allyson for May’s Star of the Month!  Her movies are full of fun, singing and dancing, and lots of drama…she’s a very good crier!  June was married three times (her second marriage ended in divorce but they remarried one year later!) but had her two children with her first husband, Dick Powell.  MGM portrayed her as the girl next door and secretly cast her 10 years younger than she really was.  According to Mr. Osborne, her off screen life was more like a soap opera scandal!  Every Wednesday night in primetime starting May 7, The Glenn Miller Story (1954) kicks off a month long celebration of 29 of her best films. Continue reading

Book Review – “Charlton Heston’s Hollywood”

heston bookThanks goes out to Ben Mankiewicz for alerting me to the journal entries of Charlton Heston, one of my favorite actors.  After watching The Agony and the Ecstasy for the first time, he spoke of Heston keeping a diary of sorts while filming his movies.  Since Heston played virtuous characters and was also a virtuous man outside of Hollywood, I knew his writings would be amazing to read.  And thanks to my mom since she tracked it down at the library for me! Continue reading