Raising Boys World – From Toddlers to Teenagers

Raising Boys World

Please visit my latest article, “From Toddlers to Teenagers” at Raising Boys World!  This month I relate how my 3 year old has suddenly turned into a 13 year old.  These harrowing growth spurts are getting closer to the real thing – puberty!  Good thing I’m getting in a lot of practice before life changes again drastically.

  Where are you in your child’s development – toddler, tween, or teen?  Are you seeing the same emotional developments at each stage? 

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4 thoughts on “Raising Boys World – From Toddlers to Teenagers

  1. My youngest step-daughters are at that funky early-mid 20's phase. They know everything…a little rebellious. They all go through it, and with 4 I'm used to it. The youngest is actually coming out of it faster than her older sister. It's funny to see the older two recognize the funkiness in their younger sisters too.

  2. From everything I’ve read from your blog, this is my favorite series! :) I have a toddler (22 months) and I have no idea how the last 22 months went so fast. Everyone says it, because it is so true! He has grown so much and it is so exciting. I constantly have to remind myself that, “No, it will not be ‘better’ when we’re finished with XYZ stage.” It is great right now. The journey through all these stages is the foundation for the memories I will have when this little boy is a man.

    I love how you reframe his yelling “no” as creative (still laughing). When I worked in wilderness therapy with troubled teenage girls (living and working in the woods 120 hrs/wk, 24 hrs/day, 365/year), we were big on creative, logical consequences. I would tell them if they liked the word “no” so much they needed to saying 200 times before they could use any other word. It definitely wore out the “automatic no” pretty fast.

    • Holy cow, wilderness therapy??? You just became my new hero! With my small three years of experience, I believe that the only time it actually gets “better” is when your child has a family of it’s own. That’s when they finally get what you have been telling them all those years! Each age has it’s own quirks, and if you’re lucky, it’s own (good) amazements. I really appreciate your kind words…my next article goes live Wednesday, so I hope you’ll stick around!

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