10 Things to Miss

Monday Listicles asks, what 10 things would I miss and not miss if there was no tomorrow:

10 Things I would Miss if I died today:

1.  my husband’s eyes

2.  my son’s laugh

3.  my parent’s love

4.  the classic movies I have yet watched

5.  Braves baseball and Chipper’s last game

6.  hot tea

7.  singing hymns at church

8.  The Beatles’ LPs

9.  the ocean

10.  cake

10 Things I would Not Miss if I died today:

1.  fire ants

2.  cold weather

3.  pumping gas

4.  Christian persecutors

5.  exercising

6.  drug commercials

7.  wearing a bra

8.  cell phones

9.  the lack of privacy I get in the bathroom

10.  Raffa Nadal picking the underwear out of his butt each time he serves

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12 thoughts on “10 Things to Miss

  1. Ah, you need to move to New Jersey! We don’t have to pump our gas here…love that!
    I’ll even forgive you for the Braves…I’m a Phillies Phan!

    • Oh wow, you still have service islands? I remember them as a kid in Florida…it was good for women who could trust that they were looking out to keep them safe on the road. I’m sorry you’re a Phillies fan…I have a good friend that is, so baseball season is not pretty around here! Get your boys healthy soon…we need the competition!

  2. Seriously drug commercials make you want to pop those pills just to numb the pain caused by the commercial in the first place. Love the list of what you would miss!

  3. Great lists! I don’t pump my own gas anymore – that’s my kids’ job, whichever one happens to be old enough to drive lol. Just another of the wonderful parts of being a mom to too many kids lol.

    • I’ve got a long time to wait until my boy can do it for me…lucky you! Until then, I’ll just give the hubby some sad eyes and hope he falls for it! Thanks Christina!

  4. This is an awesome list and gave me an idea for a blog post….so I will hold my thought of what I wouldn’t miss for a later conversation. Big hugs, xoxo

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