Dallas Recap

Christopher was the winner of Rise to Power last week.  I’m not so sure I understand why, however, as you will see in the recap below.  I’m not sure that anyone fared well in this last episode, actually!  But I do think I’ll pick Rebecca for next week.  She’s got a leg up, ahem.  Here’s your Friday “Dallas” recap for S1/E7:

After some soul searching, Christopher returns the DVD to John Ross but reiterates that he can’t do anything on Southfork land without the mineral rights.  He vows to fight fair and fight for Elena.  Rebecca goes to thank Elena for taking her to the hospital and throws up in her bathroom, revealing the fact that she is pregnant.  Ann lies to Bobby about her whereabouts as she is at a playground watching children play.

John Ross has lunch with Lucy to persuade her to get Gary to sign off on his portion of the mineral rights.  He tells her she’ll have a significant stake in the oil.  John Ross sees Lucy come out of Bobby’s office and tells Bobby he’s in too deep and needs to drill.  Bobby shuts him down, of course.

Christopher tells Elena that he should have fought harder for her and Elena blurts out she’s pregnant.  Christopher tells Rebecca he doesn’t believe that she’s pregnant and that it’s just another ploy.  Ann lashes out at Christopher for the way he’s treating Rebecca.

Bobby is arrested for hitting Ryland.  Ryland wants an apology and he’ll drop the charges.  Bobby’s lawyer can’t find JR but dug up some info on his PI, Bum.  We see a conversation between JR and Bum discussing Cliff’s assistant.

Vincente has a meeting with John Ross and threatens him again for the oil.  John Ross tells him Marta skimmed off the sale of Southfork and lied to Vincente.  He asks Vincente to keep her away from him.

John Ross asks his mom for help with the oil.  She suggests asking Elena for some of her barrels but John Ross says he wants to keep her out of the mess.  Sue Ellen meets with Elena anyway and threatens her to hand over some barrels.

John Ross gets a call from Elena, but it’s Marta on the other end saying she’ll hurt Elena if he doesn’t meet with her.  Marta doesn’t have Elena afterall but tells John Ross she’s being followed and she knows he sold her out.  She tries to come on to him so he’ll help her.  He sees that she is again taping the interaction, takes back Elena’s phone, and leaves the room.  As he rounds the corner to exit the hotel, two men start walking towards Marta’s room.  Walking out to the parking lot, John Ross sees a lot of commotion and turns to find Marta’s dead body on top of a car that was located under her hotel room.  Yikes!

Christopher professes his love for Elena, but she rejects him, not wanting to be in between him and his child.

Bobby apologizes to Ryland and the charges are dropped.  Ryland gives him an envelope that explains why Ann is acting the way she is.  It will answer a lot of questions about Ann’s past.  Bobby comes home with the envelope and finds Ann and Christopher arguing over Rebecca again.  Christopher gets a call from the doctor saying the paternity test is in.  It’s his child and oops!  She’s having twins!  They all go for the ultrasound, Rebecca grabs Christopher’s hand and he starts crying.  He drops her hand and Ann starts crying and leaves the room.  Later that night, Bobby tells Ann about the envelope and tells her he trusts her and doesn’t need to know what’s in it.  He throws the envelope in the fireplace fire.

Elena meets John Ross outside Southfork and tells him about her lunch date with Sue Ellen.  She agrees to give him her barrels.  The cops show up and takes John Ross in for questioning about Marta’s murder.  Seems some witnesses saw him leaving looking suspicious.    Never leave a crime scene looking like you did it!

Who will you choose to Rise to Power next week?

6 thoughts on “Dallas Recap

    • It’s not like the olden days, I can tell you that! Hubby and I watch it together and I keep lamenting to him that it’s not the same as the over-dramatized original and he has to remind me that it can never be the same as it was…*sigh* But it is still really fun to watch! Give it a try!

  1. I’m going with Sue Ellen! I’m sure it’s not as good as the old one, but my Mom never let me watch that one. I’m so Dallas deprived! Love the new set up here;)

  2. Oh, I am so gonna have to watch this new Dallas but I’m worried it’ll change my nineteen eighties memories of JR and the gang. =)

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