Florida Bound

It is hard to believe another year has come and gone!  It is time for mine and Riley’s summer visit at my parent’s house in Lake Mary, Florida.  This last year they have been up to see us more, so I’m not as desperate for this trip as I was last year.  However, I am very looking forward to someone taking over mommy duties for me!  Thanks Mom!

My internet usage will be minimal and that’s somewhat a good thing!  I will be able to disconnect and recharge but check in every once in a while.  That is why I have asked for Guest Posts on my blog!

Scheduled for Wednesday is Mitzi at Homespun Chronicles and I know you will enjoy her!  She is one of my closest blogging friends.  Actually, she is more than just a blogging friend…she is the friend I wish I’d had years ago.  Mitzi is a passionate writer and photographer…her writing style captures my attention and emotions.  Her photographs ain’t too shabby, either! Check out her portfolio at MLR Photography.

As my vacation plans were somewhat spontaneous, I’m still working on finding other bloggers to Guest Post for me.  Would you like to?  I have very few restrictions on content and length.  Please contact me anywhere here.  I will be gone for about a month, so there is plenty of time!

Y’all please take care the rest of the summer and I’ll see you when I get back!

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