Moms and Sons who Grow Together

This weekend was extremely traumatic for me.  Last year I tried to attempt what I finished yesterday.  Too many tears and too many memories kept me from it.  The boxes had been starting to pile up, so I made up my mind to get rid of them.  I found a place on the Island that would take them off my hands.  I am finally getting rid of Riley’s baby clothes!

We have been extremely blessed by other people supplying the majority of his clothing.  Of course my baby showers (yes, I had two – one from the church ladies and one from my non-church friends) supplied me with a bunch of things that I was able to use right away.  But one of my dad’s tennis clients has helped in the toddler area.  Ann has a daughter and a set of triplets, two boys and a girl, who are almost two years older than Riley.  She has been an amazing toddler clothing store who always had the right outfit at the right time!

With the tease of colder weather to hit our area, I decided to go through the hibernating winter clothing stashed in drawers and in bags at the top of the closet.  Wouldn’t you know it, the kid has grown!  All his long pants have turned into clam diggers!  To get the new clothes to exchange the ones he grew out of, I had to go near THOSE boxes.  The boxes of baby clothes I can’t get rid of.  *Deep breath.*  You can do this, Beth!  I asked Chris if he would take the boxes down and into the dining room for me.

Riley will be the only child I will have.  Those clothes mean more to me than anything since I will never need them again for our family.  By letting go of them, I guess I am also letting go of a little of myself.  Kind of like menopause means that women are done having babies.  The hardest fact for me to swallow is knowing I can physically have more children, but it would not be in the best interest of my body to do so.  Having Riley was difficult, to say the least, and I am not willing to risk another pregnancy and delivery like his.

But I did it!  I got through two boxes of baby clothes!  And half a box of tissue.  Every couple minutes I would hear, “Are you ok?” from the living room because he could hear my sniveling and carrying on about each item.  It took a while, for sure.  I remembered how Riley looked in each outfit.  I lamented over the tiny newborn shoes he never wore because his feet were always too big and fat to fit into them.  I found the ity bity onesies with the spit up stains.  Those 3 a.m. feedings were the best times for me.  It seemed to be the only time that Riley was undeniably content and able to get back to sleep all on his own without a screaming match.  There are great memories in those boxes.  Memories that will help me grow along side my son as he matures into into manhood.  Memories that will be converted to this one day:

Isn’t this a beautiful memory quilt?  Found a quilter on Etsy, Crafts By Janis, who does excellent work.

And I still have more boxes to go through!  Here is what I came up with to send to the consignment shop so far:

Aren’t these the cutest little shoes and socks?

Is there something of your children’s that you had a hard time parting with?

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2 thoughts on “Moms and Sons who Grow Together

  1. I’ve kept a few things of my kids in their memory boxes. They each have a rubbermaid tote with items I want them to have when they are moved out. For one son I’ve kept his “santa suit” as he was my Thanksgiving Baby. Another son, I kept his favorite toy he carried EVERYWHERE. My daughter I kept her little shoes and bonnet, those I’ve hung on a wooden hook on a shelf in my hallway. I’m feeling the purging need right now. All my children are in high school, and I know I need to just clear out the things they will no longer use. I will be keeping the boys Brio Train pieces, and my daughters Bitty Baby doll and outfits, but everything else is going. I’m going to see if some preschools can use the board games, children’s books etc… The best part is you will always have the memories and such a lucky boy to have such a wonderful mom!

    • Oh thank you, Victoria, that was very kind of you to say! I think it’s a great idea to donate to preschools…they are always in need to keep up with the kids. I’ve been thinking of putting some items in shadow boxes and giving one to my mom as a gift and keeping one in my bedroom so I can always see it. And you can send some of the Brio to me because that’s what Riley is obsessed with right now!

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