Downton Abbey Recap

Downton Abbey

Season 3, Episode 2

Downton is getting ready for another wedding!  Edith and Sir Anthony’s wedding will be a much smaller affair than Mary and Matthew’s.  However, it will be the last hurrah of Downton before they must sell.  The day before the wedding, Cora plans luncheon at the new home, which was the hunting lodge of Robert’s grandfather.

Carson overhears Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore discuss her doctor’s appointment.  The results of the test are in.  Carson makes a special trip to the doctor and asks him of her trouble, to no avail.  He then tricks Mrs. Hughes into telling him the problem that’s being tested.  Throughout the rest of the episode, Carson tries to get Mrs. Hughes to rest and lighten her load without letting on he knows.  Carson tells Cora that Mrs. Hughes is ill.  Later that night, Cora tells Mrs. Hughes she will not need for anything if the outcome is poor.

Thomas pulls Moseley aside and tells him a “secret”.  Of course Moseley goes directly to Cora and tells her he would like to recommend replacements for O’Brien when she tenders her resignation.  O’Brien decision is unbeknownst to Cora.  It leads the family to agree to wait until the furor of the wedding has died down to tell the staff about the impending sale.

Isobel finds that Ethel has come back again to the women’s shelter.  *Once again, the women there do not want to learn a skill to bring them out of poverty.*  Isobel tries to get her to stay, but again, she leaves hastily.  Isobel gets her address from Mrs. Hughes in order to visit her at home.  Ethel’s admission of becoming a prostitute was proven with a man coming out as Isobel was going in.

Anna goes to see Mrs. Bartlett, a neighbor of the former Mrs. Bates.  Mrs. Bartlett is determined that Bates was evil and killed her.  Meanwhile at the prison, Bates is forewarned of a bed check in which a weapon would be found, left by his former roommate.

Swire’s solicitor delivered a letter to Matthew that was written before Swire’s death.  He will not open to read it for he feels it will prop him up in lies even more.  But it could be the answer they need regarding the transfer of the inheritance.  Mary takes the letter and reads it to find that Livinia did tell her father about the outcome of their relationship.  He holds Matthew in no ill regard and still wants to give him the money in honor of Livinia.  Matthew believes Mary could have made it all up so she finds out that the day that Livinia died, she gave the letter to Daisy to mail.  Downton Abbey is saved!

Daisy is smitten with Alfred and presses him to tell her what he admires in a woman.  She becomes more willed to be more than just a kitchen maid.  She also asks Anna her thoughts on women speaking their minds.

The day of Edith’s wedding has arrived.  As everyone has reached the alter and the service begins, Sir Anthony stops the proceedings and says he cannot marry Edith.  *Hubby thought I took it harder than Edith!*  As the house cleans up from the reception that didn’t happen, Matthew tells Robert about the inheritance from Swire.  Robert makes him co-owner of Downton Abbey.

Edith and Sir Anthony

Edith and Sir Anthony

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