Review – MAYLAN Skincare

Maylan LogoInspired by true love, MAYLAN Skincare is the culmination of a family’s passion to reveal your natural beauty.  Dr. Henry Chan originally developed our products for his wife’s personal use when she asked him for a more luxurious cream for her sensitive skin after a bad reaction to some popular name brand skincare lines.

MAYLAN means Natural Beauty.  Luxuriously formulated and dermatological tested for sensitive skin, their premium products achieve superior results through a careful blend of nature, art, and science.  Their gentle yet effective products continue to be meticulously handmade for all individuals seeking the very best anti-aging regimen.

I am thrilled to be able to bring you a review of two products in the MAYLAN Skincare line; Natural Botanical Toner and Silk and Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream.  Months ago I tried a small sample of the overnight cream and fell in love.  I can only imagine what a full size jar will do!

My normal skin regimen is cleanse, tone, and moisturize.  I always have a bottle of pure Witch Hazel on hand as I can use that if cleansing is not an option that day.  Living with a toddler doesn’t always favor routines!  Although Witch Hazel is natural and organic, some days it can be awful harsh on my oily skin, leaving it over dried and tight.

Botanical Toner

I have yet to find that this is the case with the Botanical Toner!  Actually, it has produced the exact opposite results on my face.  My skin feels hydrated and refreshed.  It does not strip all the oils away because the cotton balls I use do not come away with nearly the amount of gunk the Witch Hazel did.  As we oily-skinned people know, some oils must stay in our skin!  Instead of coming away dry, my skin feels soft and I know it is being stimulated without the harshness of alcohol.  Sugar beets are a major compound of the Botanical Toner!  You can read more about the story and how the natural products are used in the Toner HERE.

Overnight Cream

The Silk and Honey Rejuvenating Overnight Cream is nothing like I have ever used before.  It is rich and thick but incredibly absorptive.  Over time it strips away old, dead skin cells.  It nourishes with Vitamins A, D, and E.  During the night, the silk and honey replenishes your skin and you should wake up with a more glowing and healthy complexion.  Just the feel of the cream on my fingers and face, in my opinion, proves its effectiveness.  Where other moisturizers can feel thin and watery, this cream is luxurious and covers completely.  I love how it feels like a treatment for my face yet is not heavy or greasy.  And I can’t wait to see how my face looks the longer I use it!  Read about the ingredients of the Overnight Cream HERE.

MAYLAN Skincare was voted the “Best Anti-Aging Creams Ever” by Health *Conscious* Travel Blog.  They also are strongly active in their community promoting Health & Wellness on local television programming, supporting charities, and helping develop products that benefit others in need.  Please visit their Press section HERE to read all about the good that MAYLAN is doing!  Plus read testimonials, reviews, and Winnie’s blog.

The MAYLAN products have been submitted to an independent laboratory for dermatology testing to prove that the science used for over 30 years is correct – they are hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing.  You can read all the tested results HERE.

Best of all, because of their strong belief that God has blessed their family with the skills and talent needed to make their products possible, MAYLAN donates a minimum of $1 for every product purchased with an ultimate goal of donating 10% of all their profits to their selected charities.  To me, this act of generosity is the ultimate in the belief of true Health and Wellness!  Please read about their favorite charities and more about the philosophy they take pride in HERE.

In case you haven’t heard, MAYLAN Skincare has graciously donated to the Winter Blues Giveaway!  One winner will receive their choice of product from the entire MAYLAN Skincare line!  I know you will not be disappointed with whatever you choose.  Good luck!

MAYLAN Skincare line of products

MAYLAN Skincare line of products

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