Happy 4th Birthday Riley!

My little one turned 4 on Sunday and I still haven’t caught my breath!  Apparently “4” is the magic number that turns a toddler into a little man.  Some of our family rules seem to have clicked in his head overnight, and he is informing us of what is expected of him before it is repeated ten times.  His vocabulary instantly expanded; a store clerk pointed out to us that he speaks very well for a boy his age.  Out at a restaurant last night, he chose steak and broccoli instead of his usual chicken nuggets and french fries.  And ate it all; the broccoli being the first victim.  He is also using a new tactic to get his father to do something for him; “Daddy, you’re so smart” and “Daddy, you’re so awesome” are his two favorite manipulation tools now!  But my little Riley B isn’t so little anymore, as he told us after blowing out his candles, “I am growing so fast!”.bday

Yesterday we traveled to Charleston and visited the Aquarium.  It was a day of firsts – my mom’s first visit of Charleston and all our first time’s at the aquarium.  Unfortunately it was an extremely cold and windy day which made walking the streets almost unbearable.  I wasn’t thinking about getting many pictures of Charleston homes taken, for sure!  Enjoy your visit today to the Charleston Aquarium!


petting the sting rays

petting the sting rays

brave little man

brave little man

feeling eelish?

feeling eelish?

shy cameleon

shy chameleon

ok, just one shot

ok, just one shot

a girl can dream, can't she?

a girl can dream, can’t she?

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3 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday Riley!

  1. well, a very Happy Birthday to the little man of the house! He was certainly treated to a wonderful day! And that house? Well yes, I do believe that a girl can indeed dream! Big hugs, xoxo

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