Re-Launch of Sharon’s Book and a Giveaway! – CLOSED

This is so exciting!  Our friend Sharon is re-launching her semi-famous book, “Sharing Mom’s Madhouse“!

To celebrate her re-launch, she’s hosting a huge giveaway:  $35 Target gift card and $100 Paypal cash!  Two lucky ducks will win one of each and all they have to do is be introduced to some wonderful bloggers.  And you know that if those bloggers are friends of The Madhouse, they’ve got to be great!

Here’s your chance to get “Sharing Mom’s Madhouse” at a discounted price.  If you purchase it and write a review like I did, I know Sharon will love you forever and be on her “top friends list”.  I’m sure she has one because I’m #1 on it!

You can download the book on your Kindle for $2.99 or buy an actual hard copy of the book for $3.99.

For your Nook the book has been discounted to $1.99.

Lastly, you can download a copy of the book on your computer at for $1.99.

Sharon’s giveaway was generously offered by her friends as a way to help help get the word out about her amazing book.  Please take some time to visit the different sites of those gave to this giveaway and give them some new readers, fans, followers or subscribers.  I know you will enjoy every blog on the list!  (Especially mine!)  The giveaway ends July 1.  Good Luck!

Click Here to enter the Giveaway!

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